Prop Trading

Just like how you handle your money, same way financial institutions like stock brokers also handle their money. They have primarily two options to manage their money (i) Employ people (ii) Outsource and tie up with skilled individuals.


Turns out that partnerships with people like us is more beneficial for them. Scale Up Financial as an entity handle proprietary funds of Tier-2 Stock Broking institutions on a profit-sharing basis. Having developed our own NIFTY Options strategy for stock brokers Proprietary funds, we help them generate extra returns on the limits available.

Here is how an investor can take advantage of it:

We can tie-up with an investor to invest funds directly in the stock brokers proprietary account. We make a tri-party agreement with three parties involved – Investor (with Funds), Scale Up (with Skill), and stock broker (for execution).


Investor has the chance to earn extra returns over and above the risk free rate thereby achieving a win-win situation.


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