Take advantage of Proprietary Fund Management

We are professional proprietary fund managers.
Here is how you can take advantage of it

About Us

Scale Up Financial offers execution of niche financial advisory products to optimize your existing investments in capital markets. An external independent advisor creates products and strategies to generate market-neutral returns and we execute them with ease.


Scale Up started its journey in 2011 with a simple yet powerful idea of scaling up the investment options for investors. Typically, investment portfolios are constructed by buying & holding on to financial securities like equity shares, mutual funds, fixed deposits & bonds. Many others also prefer investing in gold & real estate to achieve their goals.

We help you generate additional returns on your existing portfolio

Preserve Wealth

Our strategy helps in preserving your hard-created wealth

Earn more

You can earn more returns without taking additional risk

Achieve goals faster

Earning more every year helps in
realizing your goals further